Oedema Finger Sleeve 5PK - Beige

To complete our range of Oeema gloves we are also adding finger sleeves that can be used for isolated edema in the finger area. The sleeves can be used alone or in conjunction with the glove to provide optimal oedema control. They are made of the same Lycra material as the gloves. The design makes it possible to cut the length without fraying the seam. Available in: Small, Medium and Large. Length: 105mm.

Length: 105mm

To Size - measure both Distal Circumference A & Proximal Circumference B

XS (A) 20-30mm (B) 40-55mm
S (A) 30-40mm (B) 50-65mm
M (A) 40-50mm (B) 60-75mm
L (A) 50-60mm (B) 70-85mm