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Jura Pollo Form Spica - Standard - Black (moldable insert)

The unique two-way stretch material gives the Pollo Form excellent properties for supporting the wrist and thumb. Outer material is durable and supports an inner pocket with a pre-cut low temperature thermoplastic insert. The insert is activated by pouring warm water into the pocket. After removing the water you can then fit the brace to your hand whilst forming the insert to hold the thumb in the required position. The insert can be reactivated to allow serial adjustments or removed later in the treatment programme.

Sizing: Measure wrist Circumference

XS Up to 14 cm
S 14 - 16 cm
M 16 - 19 cm
L 19 - 21 cm
XL 21 - 24 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hattie Curtis
Jura Pollo Form Spica

I am really happy with the product and also with the ease of purchase and speedy
delivery from the online retailer BraceYourself. 5 stars well deserved!

Just perfect

I am a dairy farmer and I get De Quervain's from milking cows. Even after a cortisone injection and physiotherapy I still get flare ups and pain. I have tried simple neoprene wraps to provide support during milkings but they move around and loosen and offer not much support. This brace is just perfect and being able to mold it to my own thumb means it fits perfectly and doesnt move at all meaning I get support through the whole milkings.