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Pain or strain in the wrist or thumb?

June 18, 2021

Pain in the hand and wrist?


Are you suffering from a wrist ligament strain or maybe a wrist joint injury? Other popular complaints are thumb joint sprains and strains. These can all be painful and annoying. 

We have two new braces from Simplethat are effective for wrist and thumb strains and also great if you've just had surgery as they aid post operative healing.



This comfortable wrist brace features easy to use D loops to help you easily adjust the tension and position of the brace. There is a Palmar aluminium stay at the wrist & a flexible stay over the dorsal hand, which is nicely padded with breathable lightweight material.  Sizes are S/M & L/XL in either left or right.

Comffit Wrist Brace



Stabilise your thumb with this wrist/thumb brace. It features a D-loop at the wrist for easy adjustability and support. It's nicely padded with breathable lightweight material. The sizing is universal which means it can be used on the left or right hand and is highly adjustable for all sizes.


Comffit Thumb Stabliser

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