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Top 10 Lockdown Products

October 15, 2021

Top 10 Lockdown Products

Here's what's been popular during the most recent level changes throughout New Zealand. From an increase in home fitness activities to managing scars. We bring you the top 10 trending products.

Fitness & Feet

It's no surprise that working out at home has become the norm during level changes. The first two products are popular, easy to use and very versatile. You Tube has so many great workout ideas to help improve fitness, build strength and tone muscle. The next two help with pain associated with walking and running, another two popular activities during level restrictions.



Many experience elbow pain during lockdown, perhaps due to increased repetitive activity such as gardening & pruning, sanding, painting and other types of DIY. Both of these products are top rated, voted by you, the customer.



Arthritis Compression Gloves

A change in the weather, diet and also increased hand activities can cause inflammation, pain and stiffness in the hands for those who have various forms of arthritis. These three top rated compression gloves help with these symptoms. They can be worn all the time or just at times when pain is more intense,
such as early morning or night time.


Wrists & Thumbs

The wrist & thumb are two joints that do get sore, quite often. Those who have hurt or have pain in the base of their thumb find the Push Ortho Thumb brace really comfortable to wear. It stablises the thumb and aids in repair. The Wrist Widget is a revolutionary way to treat ulnar-sided (pinkie-finger side) wrist pain. This is typically caused by increased computer and gaming time. The wrist widget is also great for treating TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) tears.


Scar Management

Managing scars, old and new must be a popular pastime during lockdown and level changes. This tape helps flatten and fade old and new scars, coming highly rated and is a best seller. It's easy to use and has recently been reduced in price.