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The 5 best products for a Broken Wrist

July 26, 2017

The 5 best products for a Broken Wrist
Image of a fractured wrist and the best products to help with a broken wrist


So, you're recovering from a broken wrist...oh dear. We hope you're healing OK.

Whether you had a Colle's Fracture (outward) broken wrist or a Smith's Fracture (inward) broken wrist, there are various splints and braces for each to aid you in your recovery and provide you with the right rehabilitation to get you back on track.

Many breaks require further bracing or splinting to support the wrist after the cast has been removed. The brace or splint keeps the wrist supported and at the right angle to aid better healing.

The splints and braces that we stock that are of the best quality, are top selling and top rated are as follows. Below are the 5 best products for a broken wrist and also many more that we have in stock.

We do encourage you to seek medical advice and/or see a physiotherapist or hand therapist to confirm diagnosis.