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Rystora® Scar Tape
Lizi Edmonds
Fantastic product

This tape makes a big difference to allodynia and hyperalgesia over the scar area, makes de-sensitisation massage and touch hugely easier and more tolerable. It also flattens and improves scar appearance relatively quickly. My experience has been with newish surgical scars, in myself and my patients. Well worth using. It does peel up a bit after a thorough wetting but re-sticks back down with gentle pressure so you don't have to replace it every day.

No hassle delivery

Received in mail in just. Few days - thank you

Support brace

Helping quite a lot with my sporty 12 yr old daughters knee pain.

Perfect support for ankle ligament tear

Needed an option to support my ankle while the ligament tear (grade 1-2) heals. Travel overseas meant I wanted to be able to wear something while swimming, and not miss out.
Most of the time I’m in a more supportive brace (pushed aequiflex) but this one was good when I knew I would be taking on level surfaces and in the pool and sea. Dried quickly, was easy to put on and comfortable. Supportive enough and a reminder not to do anything too strenuous in the water while I had it on. It will be really good going forward as well once I’m able to not wear it everyday I think I will use it when running on uneven ground that caused the initial injury.

Ankle support for ligament tear

I bought this brace to be able to travel overseas and not have to wear a moonboot. This product is excellent, especially when faced with another minimum 3 weeks in a moonboot, but also going overseas. I can wear normal shoes, walk the dog and even cycle wearing this brace. The annoying ankle injury isn’t so annoying anymore! So glad to have found this, and the helpful service form the team so I could get I so quickly with 24 hours to my flight.

Good for nighttime wearing

Comfortable to wear. Helps stop carpal tunnel from waking me from my sleep.

Foot & Ankle Night Splint
Sandra Cameron
Night splint for plantar fasciitis

This is the most comfortable splint I have used and keeps the foot at a good right angle during the night. It seems to really help my plantar fasciitis

Comffit Wrist Brace
Alfred Bok

Comffit Wrist Brace

Heel Raisers

Love these except for the colour. Wish they would make them a neutral colour so it wouldn't stand out as much on my shoes.

Great feedback thanks Jannette, we’ll discuss this with the manufacturers. Many thanks.

Push Ortho Ankle Brace Aequi - Black

Heel raises

Great just what I wanted 😁

works for gout

They seemed to help keep the swelling down and provided relief. It also meant I could wear them with jandals at the most painful time as jandals were the only “shoes” I could wear.

Relief at last!

Easy to use and slowly getting results. Got it quick, thx.

Fantastic support

Best support ever from this brace, very comfortable, my injury is now bearable while wearing this brace.
Emma was extremely helpful in recommending the correct brace.

Ankle Brace

I have had my Brace for 6 years and it has been perfect. It's given me so much support I literally find it difficult to walk without one. Due for a new one.

Thank you Sue. Good to hear. We appreciate your review of the product.


Nice support and really easy to wear. Also quick delivery !

work well

I started getting pain in my feet and noticed they were getting flatter. These really helped

Great for skiing

Really supportive and dries very quickly

calf pain

had pain in my calf and used these for a few weeks solved the problem

easy to use

much better than the last one I had which was huge.

great support

surgeon referred me for this after a grade 3 ligament injury. I could walk better as soon as I put it on

Excellent service, excellent product!

I ordered this during Level 4 lockdown! One and a half days later it was on my hand! Brace is very comfortable, supportive of a very sore thumb and easy to keep clean and dry! Thank you for your prompt service! 😀😀😀

Liner is the winner

I've used the Resto basic and really like the support but thought I'd try the Plus. It comes with an extra strap which helps hold the wrist better and the liner is so easy to use! Removes as if it's velcro but is soft...great for easy washing

Great for clawed hand

My wife used this in hospital after her stroke. Really helped stretch her hand