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Exto Light Postural Support

Light, comfortable back support - great for improving posture!

The Mediroyal EXTO™ Light has been specially designed for improving posture and aiding with Osteoporotic pain and alignment. It’s easy to apply with the same application design as a back-pack. The complete design has been patented and consists of several semi-elastic areas, made of a thin, elastic and breathable membrane textile that has been stitched together. Over the shoulder area there is a soft and comfortable material to prevent irritation. The thoracic area has a Y-shaped part that assists extension effectively. The lower works as a lumbar support with silicone strips on the inside to prevent migration.

The design is unique to any other postural support but having a longer lever arm instead of catching under the arms. The extension force is then easy to pull and attach. The design has also been fitted with a low profile hook that makes a good grip onto the material. Special tabs have been added to all the hook straps to make opening easier.

Mediroyal EXTO™ Light can help you to perform the activities you want.


Size Height Waist circumference
Child 120-145 cm 45-60 cm
Petite 145-170 cm 60-80 cm
Small 170-190 cm 60-80 cm
Standard 170-190 cm 80-110 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I'm sitting all day and find my posture gets worse throughout the day.
This is a great reminder and my back pain is gone!

It's good

I have a physical job and I wear this brace to work. I'm noticing a difference in my posture. It's good.