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Push Ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis - Black



This is an excellent brace for foot drop (or drop foot) allowing you to live a more active and healthy life style. The Push AFO is especially designed to provide support for people that have the inability to lift their drop foot up or controlling the foot while walking, due to paralysis of the anterior leg muscle group, possibly from Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal cord injuries, Muscular Dystrophy and Hernia.

The Push Ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) lifts the foot during the swing phase, controls the plantar flexion after heel strike and then allows unimpeded rolling of the foot. In addition, the orthosis offers lateral stability to the ankle joint.

The elastic straps of the Push AFO are adjustable. This allows the degree of dynamic foot lift during the swing phase to be determined according to the individual needs of the user. On heel strike, the restraining function of the elastic straps ensures a well-controlled plantar flexion. During stance phase, the Push AFO allows flexion and extension in the ankle joint and allows the (remaining) function of the calf muscles to be addressed during the rolling of the foot. The result is an efficient and natural gait.

Where normally the shoe allows for fixation of the orthosis around the foot, the Push AFO has its own fixing strap system. This innovative construction allows the Push AFO to be used with light footwear such as indoors in slippers.

Available for both left and right foot

Measure the circumference of the ankle. 
Size 1/ 27-31cm
Size 2/ 31-34cm
Size 3/ 34-40cm

Use the European Shoe sizes as a guide
Size 1    36-41
Size 2    39-44
Size 3    42-47

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