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Thumbs up for these 4 top Thumb Braces

June 25, 2021

Thumbs up for these 4 top Thumb Braces


The thumb is the most important digit on the hand.
It is much more muscular and has a greater range of movement compared to the other fingers. Protect the functionality of your thumb with these fantastic products.


Push Ortho Thumb Brace

First up is our Best Seller Push Ortho Thumb Brace
This low-profile, easy to wear brace stabilises the basal joint of the thumb (base of thumb) and places the thumb in a functional position. This guarantees optimal hand function and reduces such symptoms as pain and loss of strength. 
Available in Small, Medium & Large sizes for both the left
and right hand.


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Watch Video


Push Sports Thumb Brace

For sports enthusiasts try our Push Sports Thumb Brace. It fits inside a glove and offers a solution when there is continuous pain in the thumb as a result of over stretching the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) due to a ball injury or
fall during sports or activity.


Watch Video

Watch Video


Mediroyal Proxi Plus Thumb

One of our newer products is the Mediroyal Proxi Plus Thumb.  Designed for inflammations, strains and mild sprains, rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative diseases.  An extremely low profile brace made from breathable, hydrodynamic and quick drying material.  Outstanding functionality with exceptional comfort.


3pp ThumSling NP

Reduce the pain of arthritis and tendinitis with the 3pp ThumSling NP.  This brace provides a great level of support to the CMC joint.  The open thumb design allows unlimited hand function for continued performance of daily activities. It can be worn all day and all night.  2 sizes to choose from.



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