Formthotic Heel Raises (5pairs)

Alter biomechanics and function in the sagittal plane at the rearfoot


  • May be attached directly into the heel cup of a shoe
  • Reduces pressure through the achilles tendon and calf muscles
  • Assists in balancing leg length discrepancy
  • Improves function in a high arched foot
  • Improves biomechanics for those with neurological dysfunction
  • Hard density Formthotics Formax™ foam for durability
  • Available in two heights: low (approx' 4mm thick), high (approx' 6mm thick) when measured at the centre of the heel raise
  • Please note the image is that of a large, high heel raise. The low raises are shorter in length
  • If these are being used for tightening at the achilles or calf ensure you continue to stretch while using the raises.
  • Size by Euro shoe size:

    37-39   = Small

    40 - 42 = Medium

    42.5 - 44 = Large

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