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Oval-8 Splint Sizing Kit

Sizing Oval-8 splints correctly is critical to a proper fit and successful treatment.
An Oval-8 Sizing Set allows you to quickly and accurately determine which size fits comfortably and securely on any finger.

Features and Benefits:
  • The simple, elegant design of the Oval-8 splints allows them to be worn different ways on the fingers to treat a variety of common conditions. 
  • Oval-8 splints improve finger stability and alignment for better hand function. Seamless and moulded these splints are so light and comfortable, they are hardly noticeable to the wearer. 
  • No messy tape or straps are needed so they can be worn in water without removing the splints. 
  • Oval-8 splints can be worn long term for persons with arthritis to align crooked fingers and may aid in preventing the progression of deformity. 
  • A full range of 28 full and half sizes provides a fit for nearly every finger, 
  • How to use the sizing set? 

To use the sizing set:
  1. Simply open the ring and choose a few splints likely to fit the joint you are treating.
  2. Slip the splint on the finger. If it is a bit too tight or loose, turn the splint to see if that provides a better fit.
  3. Try other sizes as needed until you achieve a snug but comfortable fit. Oval-8 splints can be customised by a health provider to change the length or angle it holds the finger.