Push Sports Knee Brace | Knee support for instability

Do you have a slightly unstable feeling in your knee? Need extra support during exercise? Do you suffer from residual complaints after a meniscus operation or ligament damage? The Push Sports Knee Brace offers a solution.

The Push Sports Knee Brace supports the knee in a special way using non-axial leaf spring hinges on both sides of the knee. Lateral movement is countered, without inhibiting bending and stretching of the knee. The application of this form of articulation means the knee joint is exceptionally well stabilised without inhibiting your movement during exercise. The U-shaped pad in the brace is positioned around the knee joint and helps to stabilise the patella. The knee brace has an excellent fit and is very slim, which means the brace can easily be worn under sportswear.

  • The non-axial leaf spring hinges follow the natural bending of the knee
  • Provides effective support in a lateral direction
  • Individually adjustable pressure around the knee
  • Exceptional position retention
  • U-shaped pad contributes to stabilisation of the kneecap 

  • Offers sideways support in the event of instability of the knee joint
  • Applies individually adjustable compression around the joint
  • Non-axial leaf spring hinges follow the natural bending of the knee
  • A U-shaped pressure pad contributes to the stabilisation of the kneecap
  • Optimum position retention
  • Very low profile 

When to use? : 
General knee instability
Residual instability following a collateral ligament injury
Arthrosis with mild instability

Patellofemoral pain syndrome: Pain complaints around the kneecap
Meniscus injury

27-31cm Small
31-35cm Medium
35-40cm Large
40-45cm XLarge

Measurement taken under the knee cap above the calf muscle with the knee bent.

Please ensure you order the correct size, see sizing guide image

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great for skiing

Really supportive and dries very quickly

Slim and comfortable

Not bulky and comfortable to wear!
I used it to get back to running after a ligament injury and it felt really supportive

Stopped my knee pain

During lockdown I have been able to increase my distance and train for a marathon. Everything went well until my knee gave way.
I brought this brace which is fantastic, I can run again pain free and I am back on track.
The brace is top quality and doesn’t fall down and comfortable to wear even with longer distances.

Great for basketball

I use it often and it's excellent quality

Awesome Brace!

Excellent quality!