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Iron on heat tape for NRX

Iron on heat tape for NRX

This newly developed product is designed for those therapists who do not like to sew.

This special tape has heat activated glue to bond together NRX materials.

The extra long 10 meter roll is 22mm wide and is excellent value for money.

The recommended temperature for activation of the glue is 120-140 degrees Celsius and the setting time about 10 seconds.

Cut the two materials that you want to bond together and place them side by side. Place the materials on a protective silicone baking sheet or a baking paper. Cut the NRX heat tape in the desired length. We recommend that you cut it longer than the surface as it might shrink during the heating. Cover the strap and material with another silicone baking sheet or baking paper. Use an iron or a heat press set on 120-140 degrees Celsius. If you use an iron do not use the steam function.

Apply the heat to the surface and for 10 seconds then check the result. If it has not bonded correctly extend the time.

To get a strong bond we recommend that you do the same process on the reversed side.

Colour Black only