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Hallux Valgus "Bunion" Night Splint - White



"Hallux valgus, often referred to as "a bunion," is a deformity of the big toe. The toe tilts over towards the smaller toes and a bony lump appears on the inside of the foot. (A bony lump on the top of the big toe joint is usually due to a different condition, called hallux rigidus."

The Hallux Valgus night splint is a plastic semi flexible splint with padded closed cell foam toe section. 

Designed to immobilise the hallux valgus, aid in patient comfort and help maintain alignment.  Features adjustable forefoot pad and adjustable hook/loop fastening.

To Size:

Small = shoe size 34-36 (3-5)
Medium = shoe size 37-40 (5-7)
Large = shoe size 41-46 (7-11)

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