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3pp Design Line Thumb Arthritis Splint - Leopard



Design Line Thumb Arthritis Splint

The NEW DESIGN LINE THUMB ARTHRITIS SPLINT combines comfort, support and fashion for relief of CMC joint arthritis and ligament injuries. Easy-to-apply and fully adjustable for a customized fit.

Available in 3 sizes 


The Design Line Thumb Arthritis Splint features a carefully contoured strap that supports and carefully abducts the CMC joint to reduce pain from CMC joint arthritis or ligament injury.
Soft, foam-lined stretch material contours to the hand with natural compression so there is no need to overtighten the splint.
Straps can be secured anywhere on the hook engageable material to achieve a custom fit.
Flexible binding trim eliminates frayed edges and provides long lasting wear.
Three sizes and three patterns offer an ideal range of fit and fashion and are the perfect alternative to bulky, black-on-black splints.
100% breathable, 100% latex-free and hand or machine washable.


Measure across the palm at the level of the big knuckles (MP joints).


S 6cm - 7.6cm
M 7.6cm - 9.2cm
L 9.2cm - 11.4cm

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