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Push Care Knee Brace - Blue/Grey


The Push care Knee Brace offers compression around the knee joint and supports the patella which improves the sense of stability and users experience pain relief. The fasteners allow pressure to be individually adjusted. Users will be aware of the comfortable support this offers and thus be encouraged to attempt more active movement.
The use of high quality, elastic materials and silicone applications on the inner surfaces of the brace ensure the brace fits perfectly and also maintains its position.

The brace is made of Sympress, a high-quality comfortable material. The use of microfibres makes the inside feel soft and keeps the skin dry. The Push care Knee Brace is easy to apply and can be washed without any problem.


  • Osteoarthritis of the knee joint 
  • Patellofemoral osteoarthritis 
  • Retropatellar pain complaints 
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrom 
  • Patella instability 
  • Rheumatoid complaints 
  • Residual functional instability 

The Push Care Knee Brace is available in 5 sizes, universal for left and right. For the correct size, measure around the lower leg, just below the knee. 

1 28-31 cm
2 31-24 cm
3 34-37 cm
4 37-41 cm
5 41-45 cm

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