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Push Sports Thumb Brace | Fits inside a glove

 Push Sports Thumb Brace offers a solution when there is continuous pain in the thumb as a result of over stretching the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) due to a ball injury or fall during sports or activity.

  • The thumb brace stabilises the joint and this allows the affected ligaments to heal.
  • The thumb cap protects the painful thumb against the impact of a ball, for example. 
  • The straps on the brace can be individually adjusted so that the user can restrict the extent of extension of the thumb. The straps also take up the slack that has been caused by the damage to the joint ligaments.
  • The strap system runs diagonally and provides lateral support to the middle thumb joint.
  • The remaining thumb joints and the wrist retain their freedom of movement. The thumb brace keeps the palm of the hand free and fits neatly under goalkeepers' gloves or ski gloves.
  • Individually adjustable movement restriction
  • Keeps the palm free for a good grip and good ball handling
  • Easy to fasten with one hand
  • Excellent position retention 


  • Offers an individually adjustable movement restriction
  • Has an exceptional position retention
  • Keeps the palm free for a good grip and good ball handling
  • Is easy to fasten with one hand
  • Fits into a skiing or goalkeepers glove
  • A contoured shell protects a painful thumb from outside impact 

When to use?

  • After over stretching or (partial) rupture of the ligament (inner side) of the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) (skier's thumb)
  • Distortion of the middle thumb joint (MCP-1)
  • Instability in the the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) follow link for fitting instructions.