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Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx | The Soccer players brace

  • The Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx offers the best possible protection against ankle sprains during sporting activities.
  • The Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx is ideal when resuming training after spraining your ankle and for preventing recurring ankle injuries due to ankle instability. The functional straps that cross on the outside of the ankle offer effective restriction to prevent inversion
  • The medial side has a firmer plastic strut anchoring the brace and allowing the proxy straps to control inversion and eversion effectively
  • The brace is ultra-thin and fits perfectly in tight training shoes or soccer boots. For optimum wear comfort, the brace can be worn over a thin sock. In order to work properly, the Push Sports Kicx brace should always be worn with shoes.
  • Ultra-thin and super light
  • Pleasant, firm feeling due to a good fit and adjustable pressure
  • Retains the feeling for ball control and leaves sport-specific freedom of movement intact
  • Lower ankle joint Rotation axis for inversion/eversion
  • Moisture wicking material great for moisture control

  • Stabilises the ankle during sports after a sprain or in case of instability
  • Prophy-X strap system is based on professional taping techniques
  • The strap system is anchored to the reinforced inside of the brace
  • Gives comfortable and secure feeling through individually adjustable compression
  • Keeps ball handling and other sports-specific freedom of movement intact
  • Ultra-thin and super light - easy to use in sports footwear/boots

    When to use?
  • To prevent recurring inversion trauma •In the event of ankle instability
  • See image for sizing - instep circumference and shoe size

Sizing - measure circumference diagonally across the ankle or go by shoe size - see image

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Top notch quality and really happy with this brace.