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Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 | Get back to Sport

The Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 offers support in the event of slight or virtually restored ankle sprains.

  • The elastic strap forms a figure of eight around the injured ankle, stabilising it and providing pleasant and firm compression. This provides the user with a reassuring feeling when exercising.
  • The special anti-slip sections made of TPU run at an angle across the forefoot and around the heel and enhance the elastic strength of the brace.
  • The TPU sections on both sides of the ankle (stirrup), provide a proprioceptive sensation.
  • The ankle brace is made of very slim and moisture wicking material that dries quickly.
  • The Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 can also be used without shoes.
  • Offers effective support after sprains or in the case of instability in the ankle
  • Individually adjustable pressure
  • Very slim and light and barely takes up any space in the shoe
  • Maintains its position exceptionally well due to the TPU anti-slip strips 

Benefits :

  • Offers support after spraining or in case of instability of the ankle
  • Applies individually adjustable compression
  • Very slender & light, and barely takes up any space in the shoe
  • Guarantees an exceptional position retention as a result of the special anti-slip strap
  • Also suitable for sports that are practised without shoes 

Please ensure you order the correct size, see sizing guide image - measurement is the circumference at the instep of the foot

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carolyne Lloyd
Pain management

I would recommend this brace , I shattered my ankle a few years ago, I underwent several operations, I have trouble walking as my foot’s not flat this has proved to be an enormous help by supporting it.

Peter C Phillips

This is the second Push Sports ankle brace I have bought. The product is first rate. I use it for difficult yard work as well as sports - it is extremely helpful in compensating my two ruptured ligaments (ATFL and deep Deltoid).

Di Dobson
Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 |

This is brilliant, light an easy to wear, it does rub a little at the first velcro attachment, easy fix wear it over a light sock

Louise Borton
Perfect support for ankle ligament tear

Needed an option to support my ankle while the ligament tear (grade 1-2) heals. Travel overseas meant I wanted to be able to wear something while swimming, and not miss out.
Most of the time I’m in a more supportive brace (pushed aequiflex) but this one was good when I knew I would be taking on level surfaces and in the pool and sea. Dried quickly, was easy to put on and comfortable. Supportive enough and a reminder not to do anything too strenuous in the water while I had it on. It will be really good going forward as well once I’m able to not wear it everyday I think I will use it when running on uneven ground that caused the initial injury.


Nice support and really easy to wear. Also quick delivery !