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Mediroyal Tonus Inflatable Hand Splint

An easy to adjust, inflatable splint for those with spasticity and tone. 

The Mediroyal Tonus has a rigid yet adjustable frame which can be adjusted specifically to the patient. The inflatable bladder at the hand allows for adjustment in MCP extension. 

Patients with spasticity usually end up in  a flexion pattern over the wrist and fingers that can  further trigger spasticity. In order to reduce spasticity it’s  important to stabilize the wrist flexion and at the same  time provide support over the MCP-arch to open the  fingers and to provide constant and even stretch over  the flexor tendons. This is an effective way to reduce  tonus on the patient and to reach a long-term stretch  that aims to make the stretch reflex in the muscle spool  less hyper sensitive.

The material cover has soft, shock absorbing and breathable. It can also be washed in 60 degrees.