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Mediroyal NRX Ulnar Deviation Splint



Ulnar deviation of the MP joints is common among patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory processes.

  • The joint drifts gradually to the ulnar side which eventually leads to problems to create a functional grip. 
  • The NRX Ulnar deviation splint is designed as a volar platform with a malleable metal core that has been encapsulated in the NRX material.
  • The metal core can easily be adjusted and shaped by hand to provide stability to the MP joints and to support the volar arch.
  • The splint works excellent during activity but can also be used as a resting hand splint to reduce pain during sleep.
  • The splint can also be used to separate fingers on stroke patients with problems with the volar hygiene or it can also be used to protect the palmar area from pressure.
  • The NRX material provides a good pressure displacement, doesn't absorb moisture and can easily be washed.
  • It can also be used for ADL, even in water since it dries very quickly.

To size measure over the MP joints.

Small 55-70mm
Medium 70-85mm
Large 85-100mm

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