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Eucaflex Wrist/Thumb Brace - Black



Simple "slip-on" design with two D-ring strap closures. Excellent for patients with reduced or limited dexterity.

Adjustable aluminium palmar bar with flexible dorsal stays for added support.

Excellent wrist compression, support and stabilisation.

Ventilated smart textile offers a range of benefits.

- Long lasting natural eucalyptus treatment

- Improves temperature control with aid of ventilation and reduces perspiration build up

- Antibacterial properties

- Eucalyptus aroma from textile keeps brace fresh - even after washing

For sizing, measure wrist circumference.

XS 11.5cm - 13cm

S 14cm - 15cm

M 16.5cm - 18cm

L 20cm - 21.5cm

XL 23cm - 24cm

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