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DeQuervain Splint

The Mediroyal Proxi DeQuervain offers a unique combination of an individually made thermoplastic splint and a soft textile brace. It offers the stability of an individually made thumb orthosis and the comfort from a soft brace which makes patients compliance high.

The material is breathable, can be used in water and is quick drying. The thermoplastic piece is supportive yet slimline. Simply fold the thumb in order to make the fit tighter or open it up to make the size bigger. It's as simple as it sounds!

The reinforcement has an opening for a tendon in your wrist which decreases the pressure over that area and makes it more comfortable. The textile part can also be cut away to further enhance comfort. The Mediroyal Proxi DeQuervain offers excellent stability in combination with high comfort and functionality. The design doesn't need any edging tape which makes it possible to adjust the shape by a pair of scissors. Avoid cutting exactly over the area where the thermoplastic piece has been integrated and over the hook closures. All other areas can be trimmed without restrictions. 

Integrated 2.2mm micro perforated thermoplastic for stability

Easy to adjust the fit

Low profile hook closure that can attach anywhere on the surface

Great feedback from new mums who develop De Quervain's but still need to be using their hands in all tasks!

Indications - Morbus DeQuervain, tendonitis, post operative CMC surgery

Measure the wrist circumference 

X-Small 13-14cm

Small 14-16cm

Medium 16-18cm

Large 18-20cm

X-Large 20-22cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Juliana Cheah

Super prompt with delivery. Ordered online at 10 am and re iced at 2 pm the same day👍

Good Support

The splint is very good for supporting the wrist. The thumb area needs a longer attachment strip on the hard surface as when tightening the thumb strap, there is overlap that catches on fabrics and clothes. Thumb section needs to be firmer.

Malcolm Beaton
Let down by thumb bracing strap

Great splint support fit to my hand, comfortable to wear, gives my wrist the support it needs to help relieve pain, but the thumb strap due to its position is vunerable to being caught on external objects such as shirt cuffs being worn, washing towels, tools and equipment etc, that impact lifting the strap up of the base splint which means the support is lost and one has to re attach the thumb strap. Minor issue but an inconenience and over time that thumb strap will wear out with frequent reattachents needed during use.

Been A Lifesaver...

Had thumb/wrist pain for months, getting worse and worse, until my veterinarian wife suggested I try wearing this brace. Bought one a few weeks ago - was amazed by the instant relief! I wear it at work (welder/fabricator/mechanic by trade), at the gym, and at night. I'm at least 90% pain-free with it on, can do all my daily activities/tasks again, and no longer need daily ibuprofen, which is great news for my kidneys. Cons: a) splint rubbed in one spot at first until it calloused over a bit, b) gets smelly when worn day and night but have found Odor-eaters fixes this, c) there's already some superficial wear and tear around the thumb but not surprising given my line of work. Overall, highly recommend this brace if you have DeQuervain's tenosynovitis. Will definitely buy another once I've run this one ragged.

Cheryl OConnor
Helps a lot

This painful condition is helped by using this splint at night. It imbolises the wrist and thumb which is the area of the hand that this tendonitis is most painful