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Ulnar Carpal Wrist Support



Designed for ulnar carpal wrist problems. The Ulnar carpal splint is made with lined Neoprene. The splint can also be used as a wrist cock up splint by simply inserting the metal stay and detaching the ulnar carpal elastic strap.

Indications: Ulnar carpal instability, ulnar carpal ligamentous injuries, distal radial ulnar joint problems, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

For size, measure circumference at the wrist crease

XS - less than 14cm
S - 14cm - 16.5cm
M - 16.5cm - 18.5cm
L - 18.5cm - 20.5cm
XL - 20.5cm - 22.5cm

Available in Left & Right options

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