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Pro-Rheuma Wrist Thumb Brace - Black



Made from a breathable high compression material with microfleece lining. Easy slip-on design with D-ring closure straps. This brace is very comfortable and excellent for patients with limited dexterity, such as osteoarthritis and wrist instability. Supplied with a removeable metal palmar stay and a medium plastic palmar stay which can be heat moulded. The two stays allows you to customise the firmness and support required for your patient. Removeable thumb semiflexible stay provides thumb abduction and support to the CMC and MCP joint.


Wrist Circumference

XS 13 - 14 cm
S 14 - 16 cm
M 16 - 19 cm
L 19 - 21 cm
XL 21 - 22 cm
XXL 22 - 24 cm

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