Neen Periform Intra-Vaginal Probe

The Periform® has been the probe of choice for pelvic floor muscle stimulation and biofeedback for many of the world’s leading healthcare professionals for over fifteen years.

Extensive user consultation and refinement has led to exceptional performance through its unique, patented and award winning form.
  • Can be used with most muscle stimulators and biofeedback equipment (refer to manufacturer’s instructions before use) 
  • Single patient use 
  • Medical grade surgical stainless steel 
  • Unique ‘rectangular’ section resists lateral movement 
  • Contoured electrode provides comfortable stimulation 
  • Smooth clean shape 
  • Long integrated cables 
  • Push fit indicator wand with extension pieces 
  • Unique Indicator Wand 
  • Visual aid to teach correct pelvic floor exercises 
  • Push fit 
  • Extension pieces provide greater amplification of pelvic floor movements to improve visual biofeedback 
  • Demonstrates benefit of bracing before cough etc. 
  • Provides vital information on the efficiency of muscle stimulation