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Oval 8 Finger Splints 5PK - Beige



Our Oval 8 Finger Splints have a simple, elegant design which allows them to be worn different ways on the fingers to treat a variety of common conditions.


  • Seamless, moulded.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • No tape or straps.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available is a range of full and half sizes, providing a fit for nearly every finger.


  • Improvement of finger stability and alignment.
  • Aligns crooked fingers.
  • May aid in preventing the progression of deformity.
  • Able to be worn long term.


Oval 8 Finger Splints Sizing Chart

 Combo sizes also available.  View Oval 8 Finger Splints Combo Pack.

View Sizing Guide PDF

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