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Neo Wrist/Thumb Wrap - Black



The BeneCare NeoWrap Wrist/Thumb Wrap (Black), made using only the highest quality neoprene, has a closed thumb to ensure a firmly abducted position.

Indications for use:

CMC Ligament sprains & strains.



Features & Benefits

Made from neoprene for comfort.
Provides additional support to the first CMC and MCP joints.
Features a removable stay which can be shaped to suit.
Can be washed and air dried.

The thumb on this brace is very tight, if you have a large thumb you might like to view a different style of brace.

Sizing - Wrist circumference

XS    11.5-13.5 cm
S       14-16 cm
M      16.5-19.5 cm
L       20-21.5 cm
XL     22-24 cm

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