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Adhesive Hook



Shann brand adhesive hook.

Provides an excellent bond to thermoplastic.

Colours include white and black.

50mm wide

25m length rolls.

Prior to applying adhesive tape, the surface must be clean and dry, recommend using a quick evaporative solvent such as Iso Propyl Alcohol or Methylated Sprints to clean the surface.

Extremely smooth surfaces may require scouring, particularly powder coated substrates, use scissors to scrap and roughen the thermoplastic surface.

Where possible round the corners of the tape to reduce peeling.

Adhesives are best applied at room temperature.

When removing the backing paper, avoid touching the adhesive as this will affect the overall performance of the adhesive.

Use firm pressure to properly activate the adhesive and avoid air bubbles getting trapped.

Allow sufficient time to achieve full bond strength before loading. Full bond strenght acchieved in 8 hours.

Adhesives are not washable or dry cleanable.

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